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Pinoy tv channel

Pinoy tv channel

LCD televisions seem to be the vogue at present. find out what a television shop was like in the past. Let us look back at the history of television and see how it has changed over the years. The actual word, television, was first used in 1900 by one Constantin Perskyi when he was reviewing electromechanical technology from as early as 1884.

For the next 25 years a number of scientists worked on the previous theories. In 1911 came the fist transmission of an image using a cathode ray tube (CRT) although it was only a stationary image as it was not sophisticated enough to pass moving pictures.

It was John Logie Baird who is generally recognised as the real inventor of television. In 1925 he was the first person to transmit signals over a distance. It was 5 miles from the transmitting station to the receiver. Pinoy
Lambingan Channel is most popular Philippians tv shows online.  This first television broadcast was in 30 line resolution (more of that later).

In the next five or six years Baird moved things on very fast. In 1928 he transmitted the first pictures across the Atlantic between London and New York. In 1931 the Epsom Derby was the first live outside broadcast to be screened.

Color television was first being tested in the 1940s but was not on sale in big numbers until the 1960s.

Enough of history what exactly is LCD television? Well, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and basically means that the pictures are formed by a layer of crystals. Watch Pinoy Tambayan hd tv shows online. What this means is that the actual set can be a lot thinner than a CRT receiver and that is very attractive for people as the old ones were very bulky and took up a lot of room.

Plasma screens were the first to take advantage of HD (High Definition) television which was coming in during the last few years of the 20th century. They were, however, very large and very expensive. As I write, plasma screens are still sold in the larger sizes.

When they first came out the quality of a televisions LCD picture was poor and certainly not sufficient for high definition reception, mainly because the refresh rate of the screen was not high enough. This has now been addressed.

Orihinal na may Another area of improvement has come by the number of lines on the screen. This is often referred to as the resolution. Remember that the first one was 40 lines. When you buy a television today the most common are 780 and 1080. This refers to the number of lines. The more lines, the clearer the picture.

For most of the major Orihinal na may TV manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and LG, LCD is the preferred technology.

Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of what LCD television is and agree that it is the best system available now. In 10 years - who knows.

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